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The area of ​​competence ght Scheidanwalt Mainz covers counseling on all matters relating to a divorce on a regular basis, as well as the representation of your interests in the context of the divorce proceedings. Attorney at law Trojan advises on all matters related to divorce and represents the rights even in emotionally strained situations by means of an always well-balanced and appropriate negotiation management.


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Divorce procedure


The judicial divorce proceedings takes place before the family court, a division of the local district court. The procedure itself, that is, at least the application for divorce, can only be made by a lawyer. In the context of the divorce procedure, certain divorces, which govern the law, can be judicially adjudicated by the so-called joint procedure. Typically, these are questions of (post-marital) maintenance, equalization, compensation, and care for the children of the participants. If the respective preliminary questions (for example, information on the provision of compensation) have been clarified, the family court shall appoint a date for the hearing. To this date of divorce, which is not public, both spouses have to appear in person. The Court will divorce the parties if it finds, after a personal hearing of the spouses, that the marital cohabitation has failed. The minimum requirement for determining the failure of the marital cohabitation is the expiration of the so-called separation year. Thus, in the case of a consensual divorce, the spouses must demonstrate that they have been separated for at least one year and exclude a re-entry of the marital life community.

Performance spectrum in divorces

The consulting and service spectrum in the area of ​​competence is ght. Scheidanwalt Mainz includes in particular:

•    Advice on the consequences of a separation as well as the prerequisites and consequences of a divorce procedure;
•    Assertion or defense of maintenance claims (separation maintenance, divorce support, child support);
•    Assertion or defense of compensation claims;
•    Introduction and representation in the divorce proceedings;
•    Counseling and representation in matters of care (right of residence, right of residence);

Your contact person:

As a lawyer and attorney at law Mr. Trojan is a competent and dedicated contact person for all questions concerning the topic of divorce.

ght. Rechtsanwälte Mainz


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